Positive Cognition for Parent and Child (aged 4 to 12) Workshop


Parents, don't send your 4 to 12 years old child to another "One Size Fits All" Brain Training class before reading this!

After attending some brain training program, is your child still showing one of the following signs:

  • Difficulty in staying focused even for short periods
  • Easily distracted and has difficulty sitting still for any length of time
  • Taking a long time to complete tasks, such as homework
  • Poor memory when recalling learned fasts
  • Weak listening skills and inability to follow rules or instructions
  • Problems with understanding the abstract concepts in math

These may be early-warning signs that your child is experiencing challenges in cognitive development. This will have a negative impact on the school performance unless help is given.

Parent-Child Workshop

To learn more, bring your child to experience the personalized system of brain training technology while mummy and daddy will learn from the workshop:

  1. How our Psychologist-led training can enhance your child's attention, memory, spatial ability, decision making, cognitive flexibility and boost your child's socio-behavioral skills
  2. How to instill confidence in your child to improve the thinking skills and positive learning mindset which is critical as they enter higher levels of education
  3. A proven scientific method that objectively assesses and measures how your child progresses with cognitive skills

Date: 22nd April 2018, Sunday
Time: 2pm to 4pm (Registration starts at 1.30pm)
Venue: The School of Positive Psychology

What a Satisfied Parent Says

"My children are really interested in those games. Those games are producing in them at a level of focus that I haven't seen before.

If that focus and that memory skill is transferred into their everyday studying, that is huge bonus for me and that is what I want as a parent to see. Gamification being transferred as a skill, to their academic lives."

- Mdm Yew Siow, Mother of 3

Sun Apr 22, 2018
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM SGT
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Venue Address
100 Orchard Road, #03-20/21/14, Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall Singapore
Positive Cognition Brain Training Programme